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The Arts Centre in the Boys High Building
The second door to the right (beside i-site) leads straight down to our studio!
28 Worcester Blvd,
Central City

Mon – Sun: 10am-6pm

(03) 381 7539
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a little pain never hurt anyone



we offer free consultations with the artist of your choice to discuss any ideas you may have

professional body piercing

price varies depending on jewellery.

experienced body piercing specialists. clamp-free technique. fully aseptic procedure. piercing gun-free establishment.


+ we require a $100 deposit to make an appointment for a tattoo. + this deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE, however can be transferred given notice. + we require a minimum of 48 hours notice to reschedule. + a late notice fee of $50 will be taken for last minute cancellation/rescheduled appointments. + a no-show will result in the loss of your total deposit.

we take care to provide honest opinions and artistic direction to any ideas you may have for your tattoo. we believe that tattooing can be a great vehicle for making you more of an individual.