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Bohemian Bakery

Salt District
255 St Asaph Street
Central City

Parking available on St Asaph Street next to the bakery

Monday - Friday : 7:30am - 4pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9am - 4pm

03 365 0456
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Bohemian Bakery opened in June 2016. We aim to be a village bakery serving local people and passers-by attracted by smell of freshly baked bread, sweets and food. All our baked goods are made on premises. Our breads are made using sourdough starters and long cold fermentation resulting in complex flavour, longer shelf life and improved digestibility.

Many of our products are inspired by Eastern/Central European tradition and others are our favourites borrowed from other cultures. We also listen to our customers and include products that they call for often with our own twist.

Kolache (sweet buns) and sourdough are Czech and Slovak classics. Many of the recipes span across several European countries, each of them claiming them as their own. Even ever so popular croissant originated in Vienna or Budapest, according to the legend.