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Koha Fitness

48 Hereford Street, Westend KEB, Christchurch, New Zealand

24/7 Access for Members
Staffed Hours
Monday – Thursday 6am-8pm
Friday 6am-7pm
Saturday 8am-1pm

800 564 2348
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A brand new, premium fitness centre in the buzzy, fizzing corporate centre of Christchurch.


You’ll know that Koha is different from the moment you walk in the door.  It’s a fitness centre and more! It’s is your third space between home and work.  You can watch Game of Thrones while on the treadmill or relax at a table and catch up on emails.  Amenities include unlimited body scans, free towel service and a custom workout provided by one of our trainers.  Koha means “gift” and it’s owners believe that good health is a gift. 

Although Koha Fitness is a state of the art gym, it’s “he tangata!” (the people) that make it so special.