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Marcus Shaw - Action Coach

level 1, 10 Welles Street, Central City, Christchurch

027 227 6484 Marcus Shaw@Action
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Are you a business owner who:
- Spends most your time fighting fires?
- Feels like you should be making more money?
- Gets headaches thinking about your team?

Would you prefer to be: More productive, financially free and able to take more time away from your business?

More often than not, business owners function as overworked and underpaid employees, rather than effective leaders. We help business owners take control of their organisations, and identify and implement the changes necessary to create a profitable enterprise, that works without them.

A key system we use to achieve this is our '6-Steps to Massive Results' model. This system breaks down your business into six areas which are necessary to master in order to achieve massive results. The '6-Steps' are: Mastery, Niche, Leverage, Team, Synergy and Results.

Most businesses, limit, not enable, their owner's ability to achieve goals, so our programs always begin with an 'alignment'. This requires the business owner to define their goals and set the vision of how the business needs to perform, in order to achieve these goals. 

Next, we create a 90-day action plan which prioritises 12 to 14 strategies to implement as soon as possible. And, finally, we schedule regular coaching sessions. This provides accountability and support, and ensures week to week progress toward the owner's personal and business goals.

If you're interested in hearing more about the ActionCOACH system and how we could help you build a profitable business that works without you, then don't wait, call us today!