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REV3 Developments equates to ‘revolutionary, elegant and versatile thinking.’

REV3 Developments represents the next generation of property developers. REV3 aims to revolutionise the New Zealand construction industry. The REV3 team believe Kiwis have been paying too much for homes that take too long to build, given that well constructed yet trend setting houses and apartments are readily available overseas.

The REV3 philosophy is to take the best and proven ideas from other countries and use those refined building methods to create a new style of living for Christchurch. The REV3 team pride themselves in using high-quality products, bringing the latest technology, and superior fittings and finishes to the buildings we construct.

The innovative solutions we bring to the New Zealand building sector include the use of efficient project management philosophies like Six Sigma and Just in Time delivery. It means the affordable procurement and use of high-quality materials and leading assurance and health and safety systems.   This saves money for customers while owning a high spec home that will stand the test of time.