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Save My Bacon Limited

Level 2
150 Lichfield Street
Central City

0800 27 28 36 email:
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Loans in New Zealand
We're proud to be a safe place for Kiwis to borrow money online. We're here to guide you to solutions that meet your needs, but which never go beyond your means.

Talk to someone
who cares

We're proud of the innovative technology we've built around our service but we never want this to get in the way of a simple conversation. With over 10 years experience we understand our customers needs and always put them first. Give us a call when you need a friendly human 0800 27 28 36.

Lighting the way to
brighter borrowing

Borrow today and build a brighter tomorrow. Our partnership with kiwi credit-bureau Equifax means that your repayments can improve your credit score! We'll create an individual, affordable repayment schedule for you and we'll work together to positively improve your score.