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Skin Sapce

First Floor
The Art Centre
28 Worcester Street
Christchurch Central

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7 days a week: 10am -5pm.
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Skin Space has been created to unite a curated natural skincare collection featuring pure honest skincare that cares for it's humanitarian and environmental impact on the planet. Extensive research and collaboration with like-minded artisan producers who share our uncompromising values are at the heart of Skin Space.

Skin is one of the most remarkable and versatile parts of the human body. It plays many different diverse and important roles. Skin is the interface through which we touch one another and sense our environment, essentially a window into our inner health and wellbeing. Constantly in a state of flux, skin is always active with a complex chemistry changing throughout a life time.

We are passionate about caring for your skin and want to help you create your ultimate daily skincare routine using the purest, highest quality plant nutrients, essential fatty acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Our philosophy works in harmony with your skin's natural balance and protects your skin's barrier, hydration level and natural radiance. 

Please come and ponder, discover and sample our beautiful collection and expect a friendly smile, great advice and good conversation about all things skin!

We look forward to seeing you soon. Nina x