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Guthrey lanes
126 Cashel Street
Central City

022 098 6075
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Xgaleri is a unique artist-run gallery that doubles as a working studio and showroom. Owned and operated by Max and Sheila Brown, the displays are sympathetic to the building's distinctly modern aesthetic.

They want the visitor to absorb the space without distractions, and aim to identify a balance between simplicity and stimulation, their palette of soft tones allows the artworks and their narrative to be heard and seen without interruption.

Sheila has been a full-time artist since 2006 and has a strong affinity for New Zealand birdlife and nature. Her unique style, which has been described as a crossover between abstract and expressionism has laid down the foundation for her work to resonate in patches of colour creating space and movement within each piece. 

Max creates deep abstract art that fires an emotional depth and understanding. with an affinity for raw materials and spatial movement, he likes to work with large gestural movements that are feeling-oriented. Having studied industrial design at university, products of creation are no stranger to Max as he works on his jewellery line, clothing and 3D visualisation.