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CCBA June Update - Free Marketing Initiatives

We know some businesses will require additional government assistance due to the COVID lockdown so depending on what your needs are, we have identified some avenues for where you can seek help.

Rebuild and recover with help from the Ministry of Social Development.

They can assist you in many ways, but their main services include the following:

  • They have work ready people to match your business needs right now
  • They can offer additional financial help to employers that invests in job seekers

This help could make a huge difference for your business and contribute to getting New Zealanders working again.

If you want to know more contact Nathan Harper direct
Ph: 029 909 3502 or to talk through the details
We have been out looking for ways for you to promote your business to our locals. We have found a couple more FREE OPPORTUNITIES that you may want to have a look at.

Stay Local, Buy Local and Support Each Other.

Go Local uses geo targeting technology to show you locally owned businesses in your area, whether you are in your home town or travelling domestically within New Zealand.

The Go Local directory give users access to awesome local deals, and all they have to do is download the app. Local business owners who want to connect to these new customers and offer local deals, all they have to do is sign up below.SIGN UP   Phantom has this week launched a new digital screen network in the Christchurch CBD called the locky dock network. They are e-bike charging stations with advertising plinths on them, which you may have already seen. 

There are 10 screens located across the CBD within the four avenues and they would like to offer a portion of the advertising space to local Christchurch businesses free of charge.

What you would need to do is apply by filling out the form in the link below. They will then let the businesses know if they are successful in their application and they will load your business on to the network.

Successful applicants will be the ones that can get their artwork sorted as soon as possible.SIGN UP