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Help Your Community With The Hapai Access Card

You may recall the information we sent you a while back about the Hapai Access Card. The card is now being rolled out nationwide, and people from outside NZ can apply for the card thereby supporting accessibility tourism.

How does it work?

  • Translates accessibility barriers a person faces into symbols, which are displayed on their personalised card
  • The businesses that accept the card are trained to discreetly respond and adapt to cardholders needs

About the CARD
The Hāpai Access Card is a tool that greatly improves the customer experience of disabled people. The Card provides a simple way for businesses and organisations to know and respond to accessibility barriers so they can offer the support people need. 

They have partnered with Nimbus Disability in the UK who has already built up 30,000 UK Access cardholders and more than 2000 participating businesses. 


Many businesses also offer discounts as well as concessions, where a disabled person might need a carer...

It is FREE for a Business to Register

If you would like to register your business please contact them directly on... 

Phone: 035950577 Email: