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We find ourselves in unprecedented times again and looking for ways to navigate our way through them. I visited a number of our members during the week to see how things were going and with the visitor numbers dropping significantly their response was not surprising,

Many of you spoke about how you were planning to get your product directly to your customers door. One of our CCBA Executive Scott Wilson owns and runs Digital Influence has some good advice on how you can do this. Check out his advice HERE

Remember, we are a community and communities help each other, so I ask that if you have any ideas or initiatives that are working for your business - please share so I can share with our other members and together we can work our way through this.

Kia kaha people.

REMINDER: Governments Economical Package

The Government has put in place a billions of dollars package to keeping people in work and paying those who need to stay home with business tax cuts and benefit boosts.

There is also a massive wage subsidy to keep our people in work with a huge $12.1b economic response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The $5.1b wage subsidy scheme means the Government will pay employers up to $150,000 per business over the next 12 weeks to keep employees on. So any business losing serious income because of the pandemic will be able to pay fulltime workers $585 a week.

Lastly, do not forget our CCBA Business Resource page where you can find the links and phone numbers to help you get the information that you need. CLICK HERE