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Local artist Min Kim returns to the Central City

Min Kim returns with the opening of her new gallery in the Arts Centre's Boys High building on Worcester Boulevard.

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Min Kim Fine Art showcases Min’s artwork, along with that by emerging artists from around New Zealand, including sculpture, painting, silver jewellery and fine handmade glass.

Min describes the Arts Centre as the most beautiful place in Christchurch.

“Before the earthquakes, I was located at the Arts Centre for two years in the Chemistry building and it was a wonderful experience. I had just signed a contract on another gallery on the site so when the earthquakes struck, I lost two galleries.

“In Christchurch there are a lot of new buildings but it’s hard to find places with history. What I’ve found at the Arts Centre is a really powerful space.”

As well as running the gallery, Min plans to engage with the community by running events and workshops in the space.

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