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Name: Philip, Helen and Stuart

Not Without You

Sector: Fashion & hospitality

Sourcing Local is back in Fashion.

A lovely new addition to the hospitality scene is “not without you” - an amazing wine bar that specialises in the best of New Zealand. The wine list is incredible, with most of New Zealand’s best wines on offer - not to mention a glass pour list to rival any.

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Not Without You is across the road from Alice Cinema’s - right next to the outdoor eating area of Little High Eatery - in the new SALT district of the city - also known as Little High Lanes.

Under the same roof (at the other end of the bar) is their denim brand - DUAL - local denim in the unique position of being New Zealand’s only denim brand made right here. 

“we love the concept of Always Aotearoa” says Phillip, the Creative Director of the business “to promise our customers we will never make anywhere but here is the essential part of our ethos and story - we need to support local, to ensure these specialist skills stay in our city”.

“it’s been such a joy to work with the local artisans, knife makers, potters, winemakers, beer brewers, cheesemongers, bakers and designers” says Helen Pfahlert, NWY’s Managing Director “we get to help continue the story of great people with fantastic products”

Their attention to detail is certainly impressive. The lights, furniture, pottery & platters are made local - the wood is all recycled NZ native timbers, even the fridges that chill the wine are made less than 5km away. This is a New Zealand story to be proud of. 

The reason they have ensured their story is so NZ focused was firstly to reinforce their denim brand. “we believe in the benefits of New Zealand made” says Stuart Montgomery, DUAL’s joint-owner “but it has to be reflected in all our choices, which you see once you step inside our store”. DUAL is a local favourite, originally made in Lyttelton by Caro - the designer who started it in the early 90’s. 

When you enter the denim store, you can’t help but feel proud of the fact that something so cool is made so close. The industrial styled fitout complements the edgy nature of the denim. “Caro was always known for her no nonsense design” Stuart continues “it’s great to carry on the tradition of DUAL being so robust - structured denim is timeless”.

They are right - it feels good to purchase local. You get a sense of the community aspect and how each artisan works in their chosen field, yet they all belong together. “People love an authentic New Zealand story” Phillip comments “they buy some great denim and celebrate it with a glass of great wine - we think that’s a pretty good thing…”

If you haven’t checked out their denim store or their wine and craft beer space, then make sure you do, it’s probably going to be your new favourite spot this summer.