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Our Meeting With PM Jacinda Ardern

On Friday 19th November our Chair Annabel Turley and Nicki Carter were invited to talk to Prime Minister Jacinda Arden about the current situation in Christchurch and the COVID19 Framework.

They both had time to talk and advocate to the Prime Minister about the issues facing our members.

Nicki spoke about the lawlessness and lack of police resources in the Christchurch central city, which is also a problem for the other large cities in New Zealand. Nicki asked for the government to support more policing in the central city and we were assured they would look into increasing our policing. Local MP Megan Woods suggested these people are homeless but was corrected that the vast majority of these people were just breaking the law and dealing drugs.
Nicki thanked the Prime Minister and the government for not putting us into another lockdown by taking into account our high vaccination rates when we had our first delta case a few weeks ago.

Annabel talked to the Prime Minister about the government workers and other office workers working from home and how it has had a significant impact on businesses in our city, especially small to medium businesses.  We said that a return of office workers would make a substantial difference to our members; the Prime Minister said working from home was only a suggestion, and that under the traffic light system, this would likely change.

We thanked the prime minister for the resurgence payments as it made a difference to our members.

Inner City Collaborative Group

The CCBA has helped establish a working group with members from the Police, Christchurch City Council, City Mission, and the Salvation Army. The group is chaired by our CCBA Treasurer, Shaun Stockman. We are working together to find ways to reduce the incidences of lawlessness and antisocial behaviours. 

If you are having issues with beggars or rough sleepers outside your business, please do not hesitate to call the City Mission who has dedicated outreach workers tasked to help these people, and please, do not hesitate to call me if there are ongoing issues not being addressed. 


Report issues from your mobile phone

The Snap Send Solve app works by identifying the location the photo is taken using the phone's GPS data.

It sends an email to the Council from your email address, including the incident type, notes, address of incident, photo, and contact details.

The report is then allocated to the relevant Council department. 

The more information provided, the better we can help isolate and investigate the issue.

Download the app and start reporting

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