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Post Covid Re-Entry For Retail & Hospitality

The retail & hospitality landscape has changed dramatically in the last few weeks but with COVID Alert Level 2 looming, you will need to begin formulating a plan for re-entry into your business.

There are a few considerations we would recommend when thinking how to best modify or in some cases re-tool your retail or hospitality spaces to accommodate the new consumer expectations.

Consumers will demand a new environment that meets their new and ever-changing expectations, and now is the time to put strategic measures into place to ensure your business will be successful when you reopen.

Practice Good Hygiene

Social distancing has created a new awareness around sanitised environments and their importance in maintaining wellness in the community.

“Brand hygiene” will take on a new meaning as businesses respond with stringent sanitising and hygiene practices as a way to build customer confidence.

You may need to consider adjusting your hours to allow staff more time to clean, disinfect, and potentially adding special hours for vulnerable shoppers.

Get the Basics Right

Store layouts should consider limiting the number of touch-points a person has and clearly messaging navigation and circulation within your business
  • Protect your employees and customers: Knowing a business cares about its employees demonstrates the stores value of people, and customers will take note.
  • Get training right: Remember that people are coming just coming back, some with heightened emotions. Empathy and service will be critical at this time, and training employees to be supportive of their customer’s emotional well-being will determine how a customer remembers their experience with your business. 
  • Change your cleaning policy: Add cleaning to your health and safety regime and assign employees cleaning tasks to take place frequently during store hours. This is a good way to rebuild trust with customers as you show them that you’re taking their health seriously. 
  • Deploy distance separation: Some companies are helping customers keep a safe and appropriate distance from one another and have placed restrictions on crowds or the number of people within their stores at any given time. 

Touchless Technologies

Think about how you can allow your customers seamless, touch-free movement throughout your business. 
  • Enable contactless transactions: Leverage chip and pin cards or contactless payment technology.
  • Touchless Toilets: Sensor taps, soap dispensers, and hand dryers.