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Catching up with Grace from Food Matters

Grace Mora - Food Matters

Grace works from the shared working space THE COLLECT - to find out more click here

What do you do? 
Food Matters originally started as a desperate search for answers to heal filmmaker and founder, James Colquhoun's father’s declining health, and has now transformed into one of the most powerful health and wellness hubs in the world, helping guide millions of people to discover their own path to health. We couldn't help but notice that our community is even more hungrier for nutrition and health information than ever right now. Enter, the world's leading online health and wellness channel. An easy accessible on-demand resource for anyone and everyone who cares about their health. FMTV is the ultimate online library of health and wellness videos containing life-saving information including inspiring documentaries, expert interviews, recipe videos and yoga flows on demand (like Netflix for health!). With more than 600 videos, over 70% unique content, and new videos added weekly, FMTV provides tools to help individuals take control of their own health.

My job title is Head of Content and Acquisitions, which involves sourcing content for FMTV – finding documentaries, healthy recipes, expert interviews, yoga flows, and more. Food Matters is an Australian company based on the Sunshine Coast, with a global reach. A substantial percentage of followers are based in the US. I work mostly at THE COLLECT and travel to Australia monthly and as required.

What is a classic day in the working life of Grace like?
Being a nutritionist, my core mission is perfectly aligned with what we do at Food Matters and FMTV. I’m all about morning rituals, which for me involves starting the day by heading straight to the kitchen for a large glass of water followed by a tea of some sort whether it be a turmeric tea or hot lemon and honey. I then try make time for exercise that I enjoy (mixture of running, walking and yoga). Then the working day begins where  I head into THE COLLECT, check emails, take calls with filmmakers and distributors and attend to other various tasks. Once emails are cleared I take a quick coffee break (Great Coffee Fast). 

What are you most excited about in 2016?
Work, YES, work. Right now, the company is going through a really exciting phase of evolution and expansion and we have some really exciting projects coming up. A third film is currently in pre-production which I have the pleasure in assisting where I can. Let’s just say it’s going to be ‘Next Level’. 

What is one thing you would like to see happen in CHCH in the next few years?
I would like to see more foodie events featuring local chefs working with local produce. Also, community gardens – if there’s an empty lot why not turn it into an edible garden? I would just love to see health and nutrition spread throughout the city. 

What do you do to chill the mind? 
If I find myself stressed during the day, it’s 6.30pm yoga class for me. 

If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
Mexico!  My dear boyfriend who I miss bucket loads is there at the moment (shh don’t tell him how much I miss him). 

Where is your favourite place for fries in CHCH?
I don’t usually eat them to be honest. Homemade sweet potato fries are my favourite comfort food at the moment. 

Tell us your thoughts on double denim.
You should 100% rock the double denim. I wear it occasionally (once or twice a year) and my partner wears it a lot. 

Must have item for winter?
Woolen socks that I pinch from James’ sock draw and tea with lashings of manuka honey. In saying that, thanks for my friend Lara, I am now known to treat myself to a hot toddy on a cold winters night. 

Socks in bed? Yes or no?

(Photo Credit: NayHauss Photography)