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Catching up with Jed from Rollickin'

We sat down to have a chat with Jed from Rollickin' on New Regent Street (and tried to resist eating all the gelato).

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So… When did you first realise the gelato business was your calling?

I’ve always been the entrepreneurial kind. Whenever I was young I tried different business ideas – I was definitely that kid that sold things on the street outside their gate.

My first job was at The Berry Shop on Sawyers Arms Road. They sold real fruit ice creams, which I guess is where I first got the idea to have a go at a new business venture featuring delicious icy treats. It was only a seasonal job during school holidays and Christmas time – so come winter, I decided it was time to go out on my own.

Why stick around and start a business in Christchurch?

I’ve always been a fan of the gelato offerings in Wellington and Auckland – and I realised there’s nothing quite like it in Christchurch. Where else can you get late-night gelato and desserts at 10pm in the city? It was an opportunity to offer people an exciting reason to leave the house again, following the earthquakes. I also grew up here so it feels right for my hometown to be where it all starts.

Aside from chowing down on gelato all day, what’s the best part of coming into work everyday?

Every week there’s always something new happening – you turn your head and something you didn’t see yesterday has suddenly popped out of the ground. I love working in a place where you’re always exploring.


How has the city changed since the beginning of your business venture? What’s life on New Regent Street like these days?

The amount of foot traffic on New Regent Street from three years ago to now has more than tripled. It’s nice to be a part of the regeneration story – to be able to say you stuck around (hard times and all) to see the city come back to life. 

You moved from the food truck to a permanent home on New Regent Street last November – no pressure, but what’s the next step?

Late night dessert menu in our upstairs area… Watch this space.

Which CHCH Central hangout can we find you on your lunch break? 

Caffeine Lab is my go to – I’m sold on their scrambled eggs and the chicken burger.

Something you’re excited to see happen in the Central City over the next year…..

For it to continue to keep growing and developing in the same direction it's heading now – Christchurch is full of cool new owner/operator businesses with awesome attitude. 

Finally, favourite flavour of your Rollickin' Gelato?

Summer: Pomegranate and berries

Winter: Peanut butter & jelly or salted caramel