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CHCH Central Business Profile - Christina Rankin

We caught up with Christina Rankin from General Pants and we were excited to hear she came from working in a suburban shopping centre and is loving being able to see what is happening outside on the street.

It is really great to hear how much our young people love the ease of getting around our new city and that they want to see it continue to grow.

Christina 2

Tell us what you love about working in the central city?

It’s such a great spot to work, there are so many delicious food places to go for lunch and cool stores to shop at. Everything is walking distance which makes it easy to get around. I come from working in a mall so it’s great to be working on a street front and be able to see what’s happening outside. 

Tell us what you love about retailing and working for General Pants?  

I have been working at General Pants since April 2020, I have a great team and the culture in this company is fantastic. The people are awesome. I get to meet new people everyday and love the clothing we sell too.

Where would you shop for a special outfit in the CBD

Contemporary Lounge at Bally's, Ruby, General Pants and more... so many shops to choose from!

RubyAbove: Ruby at The Crossing

Is there a special place you enjoy eating and or drinking in the CDB?  

Empire coffee in riverside is my go to for a soy chai latte! the girls there are so lovely and know my order off by heart. I have such a sweet tooth, so sweet revenge’s caramel slice is one of my favourites too. There are too many great places to choose from! 

Empire 1

Where's your go to for presents in the CBD? 

Ballantynes is my go to for presents 

What's your favourite spot to spend time with friends and family in the CBD? 

Riverside, there is something for everyone there. I also enjoy going to Crockett and Chiwahwah for after work drinks with friends, all the bars and restaurants along that strip are great!


Above: Chiwahwah on The Terrace

Any secret locations you like to go to relax and unwind in the CBD? 

The Botanic Gardens (pictured below) is one of my favourite places to go for a walk or just relax, it’s beautiful at this time of year!

Botanic Gardens

What would your wish be for the Central City 

To be buzzing with people, this place has so much to offer. I would like for it to continue growing and be everyone’s #1 destination for everything shopping, food, entertainment...etc! Cheaper parking for all people working in the CBD would also be great! 

Christina is pictured below with her 2IC Liam Armstrong as she believes in building a strong connected team. 

Christina and Liam