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Chatting with Rick from Strange & Co

Name: Rick

Business: Strange & Co

Sector: Hospitality

How long have you been a part of the Central City? Since August 2014

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While there are a lot of bars around that offer satisfactory drinks and nibbles, sometimes it’s nice to get a little more from your bartender than just a simple ‘ask for drink, get drink’ interaction. Rick from Strange & Co is on a mission to steer away from this bland employee to customer relationship and show that a busy night of service should not stop him and his team from getting close and personal with each community member that walks through the door… so expect to walk into this cosy bar and share something a little more personal than your favourite bevy. 

While the everyday challenges of living in an ever-changing and unpredictable city may have some people lingering under the comfort of their bed covers for a little longer, the “ability to be a strong part of the growth process” in Christchurch is what gets Rick up and at it in the morning. His positive outlook on the progress of the city is admirable and he welcomes the return of “first-world problems” with open arms. Dilemmas surrounding matters of traffic and construction sites are starting to overtake the previous pressing issues of clean-water and other basic human-needs, a testament to how far the city has actually come and how much there is to be grateful about. 

It’s not just business matters that draw Rick into the city and he’s desperate for others to finally discover that there is a lot more going on in and around town than they are currently aware of. Wandering around the heart of Christchurch has always been a favourite way to spend a Saturday afternoon with his family and he is excited to gradually see more and more people out doing the same. 

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Quick-fire Questions:

Favourite fictional character?

Jack Ryan

Favourite subject in school?

Political Science 

What song have you been listening to most lately?

“I can’t feel my face” – The Weekend

The best meal you’ve made/eaten this month?

A beautiful lamb backstrap, potatoes, salted ciabatta bread