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Chatting with Ronda from Nspyre Red Hair Design

Name: Ronda

Business: NSpyre Red

Sector: Retail

How long have you been in the Central City? A little over 2 years

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When it comes to the field of hairdressing, a quick visit to Nspyre Red was all it took to have us easily convinced that Ronda’s boutique hair lounge is a definite cut above the rest. Quaint, elegant, and cosy are just a few of the words that spring to mind upon entering the two-levelled New Regent Street building. 

On days where the intrusive beep of an alarm clock is not welcomed with particularly open arms, it only takes the thought of Ronda’s clients and co-workers to have her up and about, passionate and ready to take on whatever challenges may present themselves throughout the day - of course, a morning coffee from one of her neighbours (either Caffeine Lab or Coffee Lovers) certainly does not go amiss. 

Ronda uses words such as “authenticity” and “high-quality boutiques” when asked to envision the future of Christchurch, ideas and values which fall in agreement with her own personal business approach - “I love that I have a small team and that we can cater to the client as a person rather than a number”. 

Having such a personal interaction with clients all day allows Ronda to have quite a bit of insight into what the public are saying and feeling in relation to the progress of the city. The issue of parking and the ever-changing roadwork patterns are frequent topics of conversation, however Ronda is always quick to reassure these doubts, acknowledging them as temporary bumps in the road and problematic circumstances which are outweighed by the “people creating really innovative concepts” and experiences “that you just won’t get in a mall”. 

While the right skills and talents are important in the success of a company, we’re confident that Ronda’s ability to shed a positive light on the present-day situation of our city is a vital business quality which will surely help the Christchurch centre to secure a stronger, loyal public presence. 

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Quick-fire Questions

Hair trend you’re loving at the moment?

The long bobs, really severe blunt cuts and seamless colour work

Any morning rituals?

A decent coffee!!

Favourite thing to order at brunch?

Eggs benny 

Favourite app?