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CHCH Central Business Profile: Bianca Punt & Tania McCoy

Bianca and Tania were working together at a local signage company and were feeling creatively restricted. They kept hearing the same problems people were having with agencies and they felt these problems were unnecessary.

So they wrote a list of what things needed to be done differently and found that focusing on relationships, being transparent and helpful were going to be key for their new business; plain and simple.

Having already been working together for 6 years and also doing branding and websites as a part time thing, it made sense to form a business together rather than finding new jobs with potentially the same problems.

Where did the name Attraction Studio come from?

We chose "Attraction"because the purpose of what we do is to help people attract, connect, and maintain that connection with their customers. It's about relationships and we want the same between us and our customers. 

Tell us about Attraction Studio?

We’re a work family of 7, made up of designers, web developers, marketers, and an admin/general organiser and entertainer. We support a full spectrum of businesses to grow through branding and marketing. We love collaboration. Our favourite thing to do is a group brainstorm with our clients, some great brews, a platter, come up with awesome creative ideas, and bring them to life! 

Attraction Team

What was the hardest thing to overcome getting started?

Something that never seems to stop or get easier is the amount of hats you have to wear in running a business. We have to constantly learn new skills, bring in enough work to pay everyone else involved, and adapt and lead in different directions all the time. Although, being creatives - we probably feed off that anyway if we're honest.

Where do you enjoy eating and or drinking in the CDB?

Inati - for the nice nights out - Burger Burger - any dayZzan - late night great


What do you usually order?

Inati - chef decides, wineBurger Burgerchicken burger, charred broccoli, polenta fries, beerZzan - fried chicken platter, beer

Where's your go to for presents in the CBD? 

Scorpio BooksShut the Front Door

Where would you shop for a special outfit in the CBD? 

Contemporary Lounge - Generally we end up frantically rushing around every shop, trying on everything, and finally coming out with bags of things we didn't plan to buy.

Contemporary Lounge

What's your favourite spot to spend time with friends and family in the CBD? 

The Art Gallery followed by The Terrace or Riverside

Any secret locations you like to go to relax and unwind in the CBD? 

Attraction Studio's table tennis battle court!

Table Tennis

How do you get around in the CBD?

Pretty much anything we need to do or get is walking distance from the office now which is great. The added benefit is that unless we need to do anything requiring a vehicle, it's an easy decision to bike to work now. 

What would your wish be for the Central City?

To be humming with people! It'd be great to have people engaging with the city in the evenings as well, with shops and cafes open and enough people to make that worth it.