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CHCH Central Business Profile: Mugen

We caught up with business owner Peter Wang to find out more about him and his growing business portfolio.

Peter together with his wife Farah, recently opened their third Mugen Sushi business at the ANZ Centre, High Street City Mall.

Peter Wang

Tell us about Mugen?

In Japanese, Mugen means infinite and limitless. We applied that concept and idea when we created Mugen sushi restaurant - to offer the people of Christchurch an abundance of choices of sushi that they are not be able to experience elsewhere.

What has been the hardest thing to overcome re-starting your own business? 

There’s always an element of uncertainty and doubt when starting out. Even now, we still get jitters from excitement and a bit of nervousness when thinking about business. Once you can get over the initial doubt, then it’s all about putting your experience and intuition to work and doing your best to service all to your customers.

Most importantly, without a good team none of this would be possible, so it is fundamental to find the right team and treat them right.

Why did you choose to open your business in Central City?

Post-quake Christchurch is so modern and new. Since the devastation of the earthquakes, the city has seen a giant leap forward in change and innovation. With that in mind, we thought it would be a great time to bring fresh new ideas to the city with food. It’s fantastic that with the new growth of everything around us, we are also more open to adopting to new things and new ideas. And we love that sort of thinking.

Do you have any advice for people thinking of getting into business?

I think it’s important to treat the business like it’s a living thing. To really look after it, and constantly and consistently try to improve it. An example could be to constantly improving your product, your customer service, your staff training or the customer experience.

Is there a special place you enjoy eating and or drinking in the CDB? 

I enjoy supporting some of the smaller eateries. Especially Vietnam to Go in the St Asaph Street Boxed Quarter, they do some of the best pho in Christchurch.


What do you usually order?

Bahn Mi and Beef Pho, they go down a treat together.


Where's your go to for presents in the CBD?

Apart from Ballantynes, there’s lots of smaller boutiques scatter throughout the city centre that have lots of in-fashion and great gift ideas.

What's your favourite spot to spend time with friends and family in the CBD?

We love walking around the inner city to explore the ever changing environment. There are always new places to go and check out. New Regent Street is more and more hustling as we get into the warmer seasons. Turanga is a great place to chill out. High Street and Cashel Street is also busier than ever.


Any secret locations you like to go to relax and unwind in the CBD?

Our neighbour at the ANZ Centre, Terry’s Café does one of the best coffees and it’s also got great ambiance when looking to relax and people watch.

Terrys Cafe

What would your wish be for the Central City?

As a city dweller myself, I would love to see the life of the city come back to what it was pre-earthquake. This means having lots of events, night shopping and night life being a part of the city living experience.