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CHCH Central Business Profile: Real Healthy Me

We caught up with business owner Olivia Currie who has recently opened her Real Healthy Me practice at The Welder in Welles Street, Central City.

It is not an easy decision to start a business and we wanted to know what drives her and the things she loves about our Central City.

Olivia RHM Header 1

Olivia is a fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners since 2015, and now pursuing a speciality in Lifestyle Medicine. Olivia does have a few other professional hats with Pegasus Health (Charitable) Ltd. and the University of Otago. 

Olivia is a Malaysian Chinese and now a naturalised New Zealander! Born and raised in Sabah, Malaysia but much like New Zealand. Olivia grew up loving both the mountains and the sea and is the mother to two beautiful girls, wife to a physicist and Christchurch has now been their home for 11 years!

Her three main passions are people, science and food; almost everything she does revolves around these things and is blessed to have both a career and business that fulfil her passions.

What made you want to start your own business?

I had a breakthrough in clinical practice as over a short period of time, I have patients optimised their health through diet and lifestyle coaching. This is built upon scientific and medical discoveries we all benefit from, and the breakthrough is in recognising the power of the basics. However, it is limiting to do more under the current model of care. Thus, Real Healthy Me was established.

Tell us a bit about RHM (Real healthy Me)?

RHM is a lifestyle medicine collaborative that supports intensive diet and lifestyle changes to help people improve health, optimise medication use and potentially reverse chronic health conditions. We work collaboratively between medical practitioners, health coaches, dieticians and medications review pharmacists. We also include our client’s usual practitioner or specialists to ensure optimal outcomes.


Where do you enjoy eating and drinking in Central City?

Oh where do I start! Having grown up in Malaysia, I do love my hawker stalls, and it is so great to see food trucks, stalls and cafes dotted around the CBD!

My favourite foods are tastes closer to home - 5 Foot Way, J-Bings, Malaysian Delight and Hawker and Roll.

I enjoy my warm drinks and from Barefoot, The Great Pastry Shop or Grizzly Baked Goods, here at The Welder.


What do you usually Order?

Consistently: 5 Foot Way - Chicken rice, J-Bings - Pork Bing, Malaysian Delight - Penang Fried Noodle (with their special chilli sauce), Hawker and Roll - Nasi Lemak or Laksa, Barefoot - Raw Hot Chocolate Mug, Great Pastry Shop - Hot chocolate or Chai, Grizzly Baked Goods - Mocha

The Great Pastry Shop

Where's your go to for presents in the CBD?

Ballantynes, Scorpio Books and shops around Cashel Street.

Where would you shop for that special outfit in the CBD?

I’ll need shopping advice on this as I’m usually distracted by the foods! Yes, even on clothing and shoe shopping days.

The Welder

What's your favourite spot to spend time with friends and family in the CBD?

Margaret Mahy playground, Hoyts ENTX and The Welder.

Do you have any secret locations you like to go and relax and unwind in the CBD?

Should I really share this? :)

How do you get around in the CBD?

Easy - Walk! I’m too analytical to try the eScooters!

What would be your wish be for the Central City?

That it continues to grow as it is and not only be a destination for tourists but a place the locals are proud to call home.