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CHCH Central Unwrapped: Anna Walsh

Anna Walsh wanted to step things up in the coffee game - she loves the city, so when the opportunity to take on Coffee Culture at the Crossing came up, she had to grab it. Anna and her team provide a haven for locals and tourists to watch the city go by. We sat down for a breath and a chat about the CBD:

Before she took on Coffee Culture at the Crossing, Anna ran the Coffee Culture mobile van out in North Canterbury. They had a weekly run around town, and then went to sporting events during the weekend. After that she wanted to step things up - Anna loves the city, so when this opportunity came up, she had to grab it.

Coffee Culture is located right in the heart of the city, in the bubble building in The Crossing. They provide a haven for locals and tourists to watch the city go by. Tourists love experiencing locally roasted coffee and the welcoming service. 

Anna loves her work/life balance at Coffee Culture, which often involves combining the two. At the cafe, Anna’s family (her sister, dad, partner and friends) jump in and help out, which is so much fun.

Coffee Culture

Where do you eat & drink in the CBD?

My favourite spot is Amazonita - I always order the Pappardelle which is salted, cured beef cheek with truffle white wine cream and parmesan!

I love Hachi Hachi, and my partner and I like going to Pike Poke upstairs at The Crossing.


Where do you shop for Christmas Presents?

The Gift Store at The Crossing, Shut the Front Door and Ballantynes

Coffee Culture The Crossing

Where would you buy a Christmas outfit for yourself? 

Seed or Witchery!

Favourite secret spot? 

I really like going to O.G.B to unwind with an Aperol Spritz, I feel like I’m overseas.

Best Christmas movie? 

Home Alone 

Favourite part of the Christmas meal? 

Grandma's zucchini slice - it’s legendary! Mum’s summer salad is also great.

Which events are you looking forward to this summer?

Conscious Christmas Market, and Bread & Circus.

How do you get around? 

We own two e-scooters, I use one to get to and from work, and there’s another that lives here in the cafe for staff and friends to use.

Anna at Coffee Culture

What is your Christmas wish for the Central City?

I wish for continuous growth of prosperity for the businesses in the central city. I want to continue to see the city buzzing, it’s come a long way and it’s great to see people everywhere. There is lots to see and do and I love being in the thick of it.