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CHCH Central Unwrapped: Arvind Singh

Arvind Singh does everything but the cooking at Indian Sumner in Manchester St - we had a chat with him about his favourite parts of the Christchurch CBD:

Arvind Singh is qualified in Hospitality and Tourism, and has been in Christchurch for more than 5 years - his business, Indian Sumner in Manchester St has been open for four years. Arvind has always worked in restaurants and bars. Previous to this he was working for Indian Sumner as their restaurant manager, then together they started the Manchester St site until he took it over.  Arvind does everything except cooking.

Arvind at Indian Sumner


What's the most popular dish at Indian Sumner? 

Starters are pretty special and they’re all cooked to order. We have 200-300 year old Indian recipes and an old fashioned charcoal BBQ from India. We also have great options for people with allergies - can cater to anyone. 


Where will you be eating and drinking this December in the CBD? 

I love to eat at Nando’s in ENTX in town - the grilled chicken is my favourite. I always get coffee from next door, Great Coffee Fast. Their coffee is really good. We also go to Riverside Market sometimes.


Where's your go to for getting Christmas presents in the CBD? 

I always go to Ballantynes because they have a really nice range of everything, including clothing, footwear and other stuff. I love H&M for my shopping, and Hallensteins, they do very simple stuff which I like. H&M is the place I shop the most. I also use Ironhood gym - I think it’s one of the best facilities I’ve ever used. It’s a family run business as well.



What's your favourite spot to spend time with friends and family in the CBD? 

We always go to The Arts Centre, we love the coffee shop there, Bunsen. Then there’s the small market where they sell souvenirs, I love to shop there. I always get a couple of

the $10 t-shirts from there for summer.


Any secret locations you like to go to relax and unwind in the CBD? 

Margaret Mahy playground, I have a son who’s two years old and we’ve been going there since he was three months old.

Margaret Mahy


What is your favourite Christmas film?

It’s Home Alone, I have watched each more than twenty times


Favourite part of the Christmas meal?  

I love to eat New Zealand roast at Christmas. 


What's the worst Christmas present you've ever received?

A deodorant, it was not very good and it made me feel like I stink.


 What events are you looking forward to over the Christmas break? 

The Arts Centre Outdoor Cinema, because last year there was an outdoor cinema close to the restaurant and it was pretty good.


How do you get around in the CBD?

I drive and park outside the Four Aves then walk in.


What would your Christmas wish be for the Central City?

I wish for all the construction to be done. Getting the basic things done on time and finishing as soon as possible.