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CHCH Central Business Profile: Dominic Ellett

Dominic is the owner of Indigo and provisions located on the first floor of the Art Centre. Born in Paris to English parents, he spent time living in the UK and Dubai before moving to Auckland, NZ on Jan 1st 2003 and fell in love with our country.

He has always worked in retail and loves it, in 2016 he moved to London and worked for an independent fashion boutique which gave him a tonne of experience, which he has used to open his own business. At the beginning of 2018 he moved to Christchurch and discovered pretty quickly the creative and exciting atmosphere the city has, which led him to decide to start his own business.

He loves fashion, music, film photography, art and design and finds it super easy to be able to explore his passions here in Christchurch.

What made you want to get into a retail fashion business?

I noticed a gap in the market in NZ for the types of brands and products I love. I saw and still see the huge potential for Christchurch and how it is going to grow over the next 3-5 years onwards. I love the vibe of the city and the creative energy and wanted to get amongst it!

Where do you enjoy eating and drinking in the CDB? 

So many amazing options! - Unknown Chapter for brunch - Dimitris for lunch - Earls for dinner - Grain or Child Sister for coffee.

Earl 1

Is there a special dish or drink you like?

The cheese scones at Grain are the best you’ll ever have!

Where's your go to for presents in the CBD? 

I like to support my fellow Arts Centre businesses as much as possible so Frances Nation and Skin Space are a go to. Alsolove HAPA and Scorpio Books in the BNZ centre!

Skin Space 1

Where would you shop for a special outfit in the CBD? 

The benefits of owning your own clothing store mean I never have to shop anywhere else! But if Indigo & Provisions didn’t exist Infinite Definite and I Heart Thrifting (BNZ Centre) would be my go to I think.

I heart thrifting

What's your favourite spot to spend time with friends and family in the CBD? 

You’ll find me with a bunch of friends at Smash Palace most Friday nights.

Smash Palace

Any secret locations you like to go to relax and unwind in the CBD?

You can’t beat one of the many green spaces/ parks for a quiet moment to unwind while in the city. A secret spot people might not know for a relaxing drink is the Two Thumb Brewery on Manchester street!

Two Thumb

How do you get around in the CBD?

I spend a decent chunk of time walking through the city taking it all in! I often get distracted by a new piece of street art or new business that has popped up and I love that.

What would your wish be for the Central City?

My wish is that the central city be alive and buzzing every day because it truly is a wonderful and exciting place to be, we just need to continue getting the word out there and driving people to the centre!!