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CHCH Central Unwrapped: Jenna, Nath and Frank Ingram

Jenna and Nathan Ingram are the dynamic duo behind Gloucester St gallery Fiksate. Fiksate is focussed on the work of urban contemporary artists, those who have backgrounds in and take influence from graffiti, street art, post-graffiti and urban art more broadly. We sat down with Jenna, Nath and their wee dude Frank to have a chat about the city and their place in it:

If you visited the Spectrum 2015 Street Art Festival, you’ll remember the big paste-up and sticker room - it was epic, colourful and featured some iconic figures. It was also the coming together of multi-disciplinary artist Jenna Ingram and artist/designer Nathan Ingram (Dr. Suits) with Clint Park (stencil artist Porta) and Reuben Woods (art historian, writer and curator). They loved working together, and rented a studio space in New Brighton in 2016, which became the original Fiksate. When Clint started putting artwork in the windows and on the floor, Jenna and Nath thought that “we could probably display this a bit better,” and the small gallery space at the front of the studio organically became part of Fiksate’s offering. 

Nath and Jen at Fiksate

Fiksate is focussed on the work of urban contemporary artists, those who have backgrounds in and take influence from graffiti, street art, post-graffiti and urban art more broadly. In 2018 local charity Life in Vacant Spaces brokered the UniMed building in Gloucester St to move into and they have loved every minute of being in the city. As well as increasing the profile of Fiksate, the central location has allowed them to reach higher profile artists.

We had a chat with Jenna about where they spend their time in the city and with their wee man, Frank:

Caffeine Lab

Eating & drinking:

  • Caffeine Lab for coffee
  • The Last Word, or Institution for a beer sitting outside watching people wander down New Regent St
  • Casa Publica for guacamole - they smash it in front of you! And the homemade chips.
  • Sushi at Sakimoto
  • Cheap & cheerful Chongs on a Friday night with the lazy susans and the rice wine!

New Regent St

Buying Christmas presents:

HAPA, or Cosmic because it has everything.


Infinite Definite, Recycle Boutique, and Lucy & Yak Dungarees at Cosmic.


To hang out:

Margaret Mahy Playground with Frank

Head down to The Arts Centre for a wander around with friends and family

Smashie P (Smash Palace on High Street) for after work beers

Secret spots to take 5:

If I’m feeling overwhelmed or if Frank needs a distraction, we head to Turanga for a breath!


Jenna - Elf with Will Ferrell. Nath isn’t that into Christmas, but my Canadian background means it’s running through my blood!

Christmas traditional meal:

It has to be breakfast, every year we have a full Canadian breakfast - mimosas, waffles, fruit salad, more mimosas, maple syrup, mimosas, and by lunch you’re flyyyyying!

Worst Christmas gift:

I got a Christmas card from Nath and it was a photo of him sitting on Santa’s lap, and it was taken last year, and that was it. At the time he thought it was mint, him and his brother gave one to their mum too and she absolutely loved it so he had quite mixed reviews!

Nath Christmas


We’re going to help out RDU in their tent at the Great Kiwi Beer Festival, so that will be cool to have a look around. Maybe Fat Freddy’s in Hagley Park in February? We like to party in the park!


Love the Good Spot car park on Lichfield Street and then we Lime/walk around.

Christmas wish:

Free parking, and more Good Spots! 

I wish families and the greater Christchurch would come into the city for a day, and walk around and enjoy everything and have a mosey. To bring the people back would be great.