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CHCH Central Unwrapped: Kevin Eder

Kevin Eder is the owner and founder of now multi-national recruitment company Tradestaff. One of the first businesses to move back to the CBD post quake, we caught up with the city lover about where he'll be frequenting this summer:

I’m originally from Ashburton but I’ve been living here in CHCH for almost 30 years.

I’m a father of three and loving being back in CHCH after my wife, Rachel, and I moved to live in Italy for a year, last year.

I’m the owner and founder of Tradestaff, the nationwide recruitment company. This is home and the only reason not to be here, is that we would be leaving NZ again.

I started Tradestaff in a small office in Sydenham almost 24 years ago when it was just me. Now it is a beast right across NZ and has a significant presence in several countries and yet is all still owned and managed from our big blue building on Colombo street.

We were the first to move back into the CBD post quake and are still very proud of how the company responded to, and had a role to play in getting things cranking. It is amazing how many tens of thousands of people have now worked for Tradestaff.

Burger Burger

Where will you be eating and drinking this December in the CDB? 

Lunch anywhere on The Terrace, or Burger Burger in Welles Street is good.

I’m always a fan of a late afternoon drink (or 5) at Kong, or upstairs on the balcony at Fat Eddies.

Fat Eddies


What will you be ordering? 

The $28 seafood special Teppanyaki lunch at Amaterrace is enough food for a whole day!


Amaterrace Teppanyaki

Where's your go to for getting Christmas presents in the CBD? 

I actually only buy one present for my wife, who just loves to buy for everyone else, so I normally run in and out of Ballantynes on Christmas eve. But then end up buying way too much….. and a quick trip to Whisky Galore too. 


Where would you shop for a Christmas outfit in the CBD? 

I would rather be run over by a tram than buy a Christmas outfit, but I do like Merchant 1948 in the ANZ Centre for shoes. It’s the Summer holiday after all, so relax and dress down, not up.


What's your favourite spot to spend time with friends and family in the CBD? 

I just love wandering around, getting lost and discovering new nooks and crannies.

And then they become my secret locations.


What is your favourite Christmas film?

Love Actually. I really do like that movie, all great characters.

I once got something in my eye watching it, or maybe it was hay fever I think.


Favourite part of the Christmas meal?  

The wine and the company, it’s just great to have all the family in one place.

I hate that I always eat too much and fall into a food coma that seems to last 3 days..


What's the worst Christmas present you've ever received?

I am obviously impossible to buy for (based on a long track record of dodgy presents).

But not a fan of any vouchers, which just show the buyer has no clue, and are happy to just leave you to try to make the choice on your own present from a shop you didn’t even pick. Wow, thanks!


What events are you looking forward to over the Christmas break? 

It’s a bit later, but the Urban Polo is my fave event of the year.


How do you get around in the CBD?

I drive into town, and then just walk everywhere else.

That’s the beauty of having a compact CBD.

Kevin Eder Tradestaff