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CHCH Central Unwrapped: Tim Hunt

Tim Hunt is the manager of the BNZ Centre, as well as some other properties around Christchurch. With a surname like Hunt, and the family ties to Christchurch development that come with that, he knows the city better than most. We caught up with Tim and asked him about how he spends his time:

Tim Hunt works for the family business, in basic terms as the manager of the BNZ Centre, as well as some of the other properties around Christchurch.

The BNZ Centre opened about 3 years ago, and was one of the first new developments in Christchurch. They built on the ‘laneways’ idea that the government had introduced. They have many office tenants on the upper floors include Cavell Leitch, Human Rights Commission and NZ Travel Commission. The retail offering, centred in the courtyard and feeding into Hereford St, Colombo St and Cashel St lanes, covers everything from coffee shops, florists and pharmacies to bridal wear, specialty denim and gift stores. It’s a place for people to come and do their shopping, access services, or chill out with something to eat.

Tim Hunt at BNZ

Where do you eat and drink in the city?

We usually end up going down The Terrace, if not you can find me at Pomeroy’s. I like going to Little Pom’s for breakfast - eggs ‘my way’ on toast and all of the extra’s! Caffeine Lab on New Regent St is a good wee place in the sun as well.

Little Poms

Where would you buy presents?

For books, Scorpio Books, for phones I’ve got 2degrees or Spark so close to here. For clothes or anything else - Ballantynes and The Crossing in general. Can get everything from there!

Scorpio Books

Where do you like to catch up with friends and family?

Whatever new is popping up. We like to share the love around new developments and support each other, spending a lot of time at Riverside Market recently to give that a go!

Any secret spots to relax?

Just a walk around the city does it for me. If I need to get away from it all, I stretch the legs and see what’s around.

The Crossing

Favourite Christmas movie?


Favourite Christmas tradition?

Work-wise, we all finish up on the Friday before Christmas, and do a bit of a pub crawl - we used to start at Pomeroy’s and then end up at the Terrace, but in recent years we just start at the Terrace because we can’t go too long now. We have a few beers to recap the year, with some of our property managers. And then we have the usual family roast on Christmas day.

Summer events you’re excited about?

Really looking forward to our events here at the BNZ Centre! We have the new screen up, we’re greening up the courtyard and putting in some new furniture, and in the second half of January we should be set to start doing our own movie nights. It’s a beautiful spot, sheltered from the easterly, and you can see the screen really well without any glare.

BNZ Centre

How you get around?

I drive in and then walk around - nothing is too far and it’s nice to stretch the legs and enjoy the sunshine.

What is your Christmas wish for the Central City?

I wish for the city to get back to being just a great, functioning city. We’re so close!